Vernal pools appear seasonally—creating ephemeral ecosystems where distinctive lifeforms are able to survive and thrive through segmentation. In a matter of weeks or months, plants sprout, flower, then seed and amphibians metamorpihize and grow without competition before the environment around them shifts and eventually evaporates.

Each year, high school students are graduating and making plans for the future, college students are finishing their bachelors programs and looking for next steps and adults are returning to college to finish their degree or add advanced credentials to their resume. Each of these groups has distinctive characteristics, and different needs. They all need their own ecosystem to be successful. Colleges and universities design programs and offer services for each of these prospective students—and Vernal helps make sure that each of these “pools” knows what institutions can offer—to ensure that each student can thrive.

So whether you need to meet growing goals for a traditional on-campus class, or you institution is taking programs online to expand your reach, Vernal can help identify opportunities to authentically connect with the right audience. We integrate traditional methods—like list buying and mailed print collateral—with digital interactions to create an omni-channel experience that leverages the channels and tactics will work best to attract your right fit students.